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Thread: Just a cool set up

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    Just a cool set up

    It's a bit more than I would spend. But thought it to be a cool way to do panels.
    It's kind of a poor pic. But if you look close you can see the clamps lock into the rail. Lock in the bottom set of glued up panels. Then move up a row and start over.
    Here's a better pic of one all loaded.

    And after looking at the prices of the system 15 hundred aint such a bad price.
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    Im not 100% sure, but I think Jim Niemi showed a picture of a clamp rack similar to that during part of the counter build, or other build.
    Maybe it was someone else.If I only had space, and 1500 bucks to spare.

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    Man, I would love to have that. I have the room but no $.

    Keep your eye on it Chuck, In a few weeks I bet you could pick it up for under $600.
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    man that is sweet chuck.. you get all the goodies over there..if i had kitchen to do i would grab it..that would make short work of the panels.
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    Get it Chuck, my son and I built my counter tops with one and they are AWESOME

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    thankgod I still got my memory, I already lost my hair, then goes the memory, then goes, oh well, you all know what goes next.

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