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Thread: Jet diamond

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    Jet diamond

    I have a Wet Jet sharpener and I need to dress the wheel. Their dresser is 60 bucks from Jet and Tormec is 70 something. I was curious do you know any other way to dress this wheel? I have copied a few of the Tormec jigs because I like them better than the Jets.

    I am thinking of buying a diamond round short shaft with a diamond at the end of it's cone end, and then making a jig to hold it. That's a lot of trouble, so any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I have the Tormek, and use their dressing tool, but for 'quicky' touch ups, I use one of those "T" shaped dressing tools that Woodcraft (and just about everyone else) sells. It's a bar about 1 wide with diamond dust on it, and a handle about 4 or 5 inches long.

    I set the tool bar down close to the stone so it holds the dresser in place then just carefully move the dresser back and forth across the stone.

    It works very well for me. YMMV...
    Jim D.
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