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Thread: A very sad Day

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    A very sad Day

    I've never attempted to write anything like this before, and probably I'm wrong in writing this on this forum, but before I retire for the night I have to blow off some steam, and have no other place to do so but here. If the moderators wish to remove it or if the members feel that it's not something that should be brought up on this forum I can also understand and I apologize for expounding off with my feelings.

    This evening after dinner my wife and I took a ride. We went 15 miles north of town and sat at watched approx 200 head of elk, cows, calves and bulls in velvet. On the return trip we saw a cow moose and her calf crossing the freeway. I mentioned to my wife how nice it is to live in Montana, and go for a ride and see no traffic and enjoy the wildlife.

    We returned home, and poured a cup of coffee and turned on the TV to watch the news. Obviously the news was primarily about the oil spill. I looked at my wife and she was crying. I asked what was wrong and her answer was the oil spill and what it was doing to our country. I have no shame to admit I joined her in shedding tears. I'm sure that most have seen the television commercial where Chief Iron Eyes was sitting on a horse looking at trash in a field and tears were rolling down his cheeks. This is how we felt.

    I'm 73 years old, and I love this country. I probably have way more Archie Bunker blood in my veins than I should, but I certainly wish I have been born 73 years sooner, and I'm really hoping that I don't have many more the way things are going. I know I'm glad that I'm not starting a new family today.

    I apologize for voicing my feelings, just had to get it off my chest, thanks for letting me vent.

    Jiggs Elphison

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    I see nothing wrong at all with your post and aslo feel the very same way. What a mess greed has caused.
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    It's bad enough when the things we do will eventually make our planet uninhabital for us, but, when WHAT WE DO ENDANGERS All life, it is uncountuable.

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    Jiggs, you said what many of us are feeling. And, you said it very well. Thank you!


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    Jiggs I too remember the commercial about trash you speak of. Amazingly enough, I think there is less trash along our roads (except by my driveway!) on the average. I cannnot nor do I think anyone can conceive the results of this spill. We as a nation have to comprehend we are not going to give up our dependence on oil, so forcing a company to drill so far out that procedures set in place don't work on pipes so far under with so much extra pressure. I am not pointing any fingers as I am ignorant of most of the facts of this.
    Please don't perish prematurly! I really enjoy your posts! God bless you for your thoughts for the country, the people who are going to lose everything, from fishermen to people who rent cottages or food joints. I will stop here so I don't become political Jiggs, my grandson and I caused a young, very young fawn to jump up and run a zig zag pattern to another bed this evening while feeding his pony I brought home for him yesterday. Nothing like the eyes of a 3 year old pointing out the first deer he has seen up close and personal and watching him watch it run and bed down and him pointing. Keep the faith, the youngs ones have some good ones and this ole world will keep on spinning after our old fashioned ideas are put to rest.

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    Trade in your car for a horse, or bicycle.

    If we were not forced to drill for oil at over a MILE, (get that in your head, OK a MILE under the ocean), then when this kind of accident occurs, it would be much easier to manage.

    Look at why we are drilling where we cannot easily fix any mistakes, and in all human endeavors that will be mistakes made.

    Don't get me wrong, what has happened is a horrible tragedy, but, it will pass.

    I only hope that from the mistakes that were made, the companies involved learn something.
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    I couldn't agree more Jiggs. I don't shed tears I just get angry. I hate politicians who Immediately look to place blame and cover their butts rather than fix the problem first. I can't stand companies that cut corners on safety or technology just to add to their bottom line.
    Its a fact that we are going to be dependent on oil for quite some time and we need to drill where ever we can find it. But there has to be fail proof methods of preventing damage to the environment and excessively harsh penalties for those that cause them.
    My heart really goes out to those who are economically affected by BP's actions.
    I'm not one of those who demand a boycott of BP gasoline. There are too many families from the US that would be affected by this silly action, but BP has to pay up big time. We need public over-site to make sure that all the money goes to clean up and to those affected not into the pockets of greedy politicians.
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    i too like nature jiggs, and was in alaska to see the valdez aftermath and what they are still dealing with there but they did do a real good job at fixing that mess but time will tell how this one goes.. and for your drives ,,count your blessings that you can still see them.. every drive you take is one memory that others cant take away..
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    Your post is fine. I agree.
    The Gulf oil spill is something to cry about.
    It is an environmental tragedy beyond comprehension. And, remember, humans are part of the environment. People are suffering there, not just pelicans.
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