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Thread: Bear Box Intarsia

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    Bear Box Intarsia

    Hi everyone
    I was recently commissioned to do a keepsake box for a client in Jasper ,Ga for a 70th birthday gift. This was the subject photo to be used for the intarsia on the lid of the box

    This is the pattern that I drew , adding a few new details and modifications.

    And here are the pics of the completed intarsia. The box is made from Fishtail oak with a Wenge accent strip. and measures 7” x 9” x 3.5 ” There are a total of 70 pieces from 10 different woods used for the intarsia.

    I still have to install the hinges and the linings and a couple more coats of satin poly but this was a fun project.
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    another masterpiece Mike...
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    Awesome, Mike. You really took good advantage of the grain in the wood for the bear's fur.
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    Absolutely Fantastic Mike
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Caughron View Post
    Absolutely Fantastic Mike
    What Jay said....

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    Wow Mike you a real Master Nice work lucky person gonna get that box.

    When i first saw Jasper i was thinking Jasper Alberta Canada, cause that scene would fit right in there. But i guess it would in Georgia too.

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    That's just incredible. Looks Awesome!
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    I wish you were a baseball player and would come play for the Mets.
    You hit them out of the park every time I see one of your pieces.(as in artwork)

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    Looks great and I like the new and improved trees.

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    I'm speechless. Beautiful
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