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Thread: How Much Would You Charge?

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    How Much Would You Charge?

    This question is for the professionals among us. I'd like to get a ballpark figure (or range of figures) so I can tell my husband how much we're saving by me doing it.

    If a client asked you to do built-in bookcases like this, how much would you charge:

    For the sake of discussion assume the following:

    3 runs of 8' bookcases, one is 18' and two are 7' each. Red Oak. Simple but with crown and base moldings. With a "pickled" finish.

    How much would you charge (in total or per lineal foot)?

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    Hi Cynthia,

    I typically charge around $125 lineal ft for bookcases like that unfinished. I don't do finishing and really have no idea how to price for it.

    I hope that helps a little


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    Chris, are you including the crown in that price ?
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    Chris.... Was just wondering about choice of wood ? Is it all solid red oak boards or are you useing cabinet grade 3/4" red oak plywood for the carcase and shelves and solid wood for the face frame. Also are the shelves ajustable?
    I don't do this for a living but have done a few similar. I charged about $975.00 for one that was 8ft. x 8ft. and was 11 1/2" deep used oak tape on shelf fronts ,no more than 2ft for each shelf run so as to have no chance for books to bow shelf. But I did not have the crown molding and they were unfinished as well. But I just do it for a hobby, so my input probably not worth to much.
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    I get at least $200 a lineal foot for floor to ceiling built-in shelves.

    Your variables include area of the country, material choice, finishing choices, and what you are will to work for with regard to labor, and whether you need to make a profit.

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    don, yes crown is included.

    ron, yes 3/4 ply for shelves and hardwood for faceframes. yes, shelves are adjustable

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