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Thread: Tip ....Eat more peanut butter then recycle

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    Tip ....Eat more peanut butter then recycle

    I thought i would share a tip I have found quiet helpful.

    Fortunately in my family we grew up on peanut butter. No allergies here luckily.

    Well we pretty much stick to one brand and by chance they have a real nice plastic jar type container.

    i found these pretty useful for storing hardware that takes up space like knobs and long T bolts or anything else that is too heavy and bulky for plastic draws.

    Initially these jars were going into the recycle bin. So i now have them diverted to my shop after clean up of course. Of course when you first start out with this approach you only have one. But stick to it and after a while you have a collection of these jars.

    Whats the benefits

    1) You dont have to buy containers to store stuff and have more money for real tools.
    2) You can see into them (mine are clear once the label is off ) so there is no hunting through draws or trays to find something.
    3) They dont break if you drop them. (once tried glass ones and gave it up in a hurry after the first one hit the garage floor way back when.
    4)You saving the environment unless your city has a recycling depot but even recycling costs energy to do so you still saving.

    So my tip of the week is look in that recycling bin if you have one or take note of the host of containers that we get in our groceries there are loads that with a little wash up can be used more effectively.

    A few others that i have used

    1) Some yogurt containers are great when cleaned up for mixing two part epoxy.
    2)Left over spray bottles from cleaners i have commandeered for raising the grain with water when sanding.
    3) The top of a shaving cream can for mixing up a small batch of mineral oil and blo.
    4) This aint something that you need many of but the two litre pop bottles make an excellent sanding tool on long curves when you seal them with their top and wrap sandpaper on them.

    So how about it take a look in your recycle bin and see what you can use in your shop.

    If you have a tip that you think worth sharing go ahead and add it to this thread. I am getting a great kick out of making my own tools, buying second hand cheapo tools on ebay and using recycled material.

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    I'm kinda partial to lunch meat myself..

    I find these quite useful this is how my wife buys lunch meat.
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    hey don whats a kroger? part chicken and part dog? never heard of one before and its in the deli too???
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    Well Rob, I keep 32 ounce mayo jars. I have a 3 jar system for cleaning oil based finish with paint thinner, and another for shellac with DNA [denatured alcohol].

    Jar 1 gets the brush straight from the finish. Jar 2 is next and is a bit cleaner. Jar 3 is pretty clear. When 1 is awful, I put it on a shelf for a few months. 2 becomes 1, 3 becomes 2, and a new jar with clean solvent becomes 3. After a few months the old no. 1 has decanted, I pour off the clean solvent carefully, and finally allow the grunge in the bottom to dry out and it goes to the landfill. Saves jars, solvent, and my septic. One of the best tricks I know.

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