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Thread: Exchanging gifts ....hand made ones by you.

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    Exchanging gifts ....hand made ones by you.

    It occured to me last night as I lay in bed prior to nodding off that one of the greatest experiences and feeling has to be the exchanging of gifts specifically when one makes somthing for another and that something has meaning relavent to the reciever.

    I got to thinking about the experiences i have had on this forum in the short time i have been a member.

    It was the recent post by Jay and then the more recent one by Vaughn that made me think about it. Then Glenn B posted how he is preparing for Xmas Kinda like Macy's or Bloomingdales ordering their Xmas stock, except he starts a whole design review process before selecting the item for this years gifts.

    Jay posted about a tool that Tom B had sent him.
    Vaughn a bowl he had made from Tom N.

    These instances made me think of the absolutely priceless experiences i have had as a member here.

    One day a guy from Mi pitched up to pick up a machine he had purchase.
    Low and behold i got swamped by a load of chocolate.

    A while later he was back on tour and brought with him a snowman that i had made as part of a swap, it had been sent to him by Chuck T to have me sign it. I had not given any thought to signing it at the time.

    Then a while later a box arrives low and behold in it is a plane and a nice chunk of wood. Again the Mi Santa was hard at work.

    Some time after that a bowl arrived as part of a circular swap from Chuck R. A real fine peace of work/art I can only aspire to make someday.

    I had a little ricochet during my swap and got more than i gave when Mack C. popped the finest pen i have ever owned in my hand before i left. Not only is it a fine piece of work, it contains the Canadian flag.

    It was not long after that, that a real special plane arrived from Spain now nicknamed "El Torro" and what a fine "pick me up" this was. I still cannot believe how it performs.

    And during the tour de wood a fine medallion arrived from you know who inspiring me to get "round to it".

    So i want to inspire with this story, any of you who have wondered about reaching out to your fellow woodworker who you might have connected with via the forum to do so without regret or thought. It might only be a piece of wood you send them, but you will find like i did that this small piece of wood can richocet back in the form of a fine pen made from that very piece of wood. (hey Mack)

    To me no mass produced item can touch the value of these gifts. Thanks again to all who sent them.

    So how about it ....share you story of your gifts here so others can see just how much fun it is.

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    I just made my dad a bottle of liqueur for fathers' day. It's my first attempt at a fruit liqueur - it was made from dried cherries, as when I started fresh ones weren't available - but it seems to have turned out very nicely. He insisted I don't sweeten it, though - he prefers to drink it by the strongly-flavored 80-proof thimblefull.

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