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Thread: Salt and pepper box

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    Salt and pepper box

    My wife was wanting a jar like she saw a chef on TV using, so I gave my first box a shot. Mitered corners rounded off with a sanding disc and a solid top with the center cutout with a router. I think it came out pretty good. A little oil inside, BLO/poly/wax on the outside.
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    very cool....
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    Nice work Jeb!

    You've made an awesome little piece of kitchen equipment your wife will use and treasure for years.

    I turned a little salt cellar for myself out of maple and I use it everyday for kosher salt. Once you get in the habit of using something like this you wonder what you did without it. It gives you such a better idea of how much salt you put into something rather than just shaking it out of something...

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    Very nice, Jeb. Useful and attractive all in one package.
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    Me likey. Good stuff. An attractive addition to the table.
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    Nicely done!
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    Great box Jeb. Nicely made.
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    Dang another thing to add to my ever growing must build list Nice box, nice idea, well done

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    Ooo! That looks super nice! Y'see, this is EXACTLY what I wanted to do. Something small so I could introduce myself to the world of woodworking. It looks like so much fun (the process of woodworking), but patio furniture seems a tad difficult.

    Since I'm naive to the whole process, may I ask how you started and ended this project? I love the glossy finish. Lovely!
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