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Thread: Batch of mesquite dining chairs

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    Batch of mesquite dining chairs

    This is the largest batch of chairs 10) I've done in several years, and will sit around an 8' table my buddy Randy built. Nothin' really special about them other than they're DONE.

    I like the upholstered seats because I've done enough wood seats to be sick of them. The upholstered model may actually take a bit more time beause nothing is really hidden by the seat, so there's more glue cleanup and more 'fiddling' with some joints.

    Minwax Natural Stain/Sealant for a shot of 'oil' look, topped with Sherwin Williams Medium-Rubbed Effect pre-cat. I normally use the dull sheen, but Randy uses the semi-gloss, so we needed them to match.

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    They look fantastic and comfortable. Beautiful work!
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    Mesquite furniture? Unique and beautiful, great work.

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    You did good, Kirk.

    The figure in the wood is a delight to the eye, a welcome change after seeing so many dull mono-color chairs. You hit the finish just right. I like to see some shine, and the stain you used complements the wood. If your budy doesn't want them, I will be down to pick them up.

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    They look great, KC. Did you bend the slats in the backs, or were they cut that way out of solid stock?
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    Looking good! Only problem with chairs is you gotta make em in batches -huh

    I'll bet there were chair parts every where you looked for a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    They look great, KC. Did you bend the slats in the backs, or were they cut that way out of solid stock?

    Slats are bent lamination (two pieces 3/16" each). I resaw the six pieces for one chair from one piece of 8/4 material so at least the slats will 'match' each other in a particular chair.

    The upper and lower back support and rear seat frame pieces are cut from 8/4 also (nor laminated). I try to cut all three of these pieces from at least the same board, and if I get lucky, side by side. Hard to find good material that wide (8" or so) and thick, so I usually ionly get two side by side, and one in the next length. So I can get 6 pieces for two chairs out of a stick of 8/4 5-1/2" wide by 36' long or so. In this group of ten, I think I only had to 'cheat' and use mixed boards on one chair.

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    KC, those are really nice, man, I bet the whole set is stunning to see!
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    Sweet! My wife has wanted a new Dinning room set for a years now. She knows exactly what she wants and as you know they are not cheap! I have been thinking that as my skill improves I might try this. The table is the easy part, making 8-10 chairs.... that scares me to be honest!

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    KC, that's beautiful. I had missed seeing pictures of your craftsmanship over at SMC. Thanks for posting for the Family! Jim.
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