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Thread: Fridays here

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    Fridays here

    Anything exciting going on this fathers day weekend ?
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    Trout fishing ................. on a cool river.
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    Leaving in a few minutes for Little Rock to attend a woman's political convention. My wife is president of the local group and some kind of regional chairman. I'm tagging along because that's what husbands do.
    We will see our daughter there. She is actually working since she is a field director in Arkansas for the national party.
    On way back Sat. stopping for dinner at one of the best restaurants in the area. Then home.
    Sunday I get installed as a new member at my new church, a start up Lutheran congregation.
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    the odometer turns over for me on saturday....
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    • Re-Plane the boards for the maple dining room table
    • Pour concrete counter top
    • Set additional flagstone for fireplace hearth
    • Set flagstone for patio table
    • Move Boats around to get them cleaned up and ready to use.
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    Son, DIL, and assorted urchins coming over for BBQ
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    Building an urn Saturday. Sunday will be with family for fathers day
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    Going to the range to try out some new re-loads. Also need to fix the A/C on the Tahoe now that it's reached the 90's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Noren View Post
    the odometer turns over for me on saturday....
    Congrats on another mile.
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    Hooray for Friday!!!

    Honestly, we don't have much planned. I think for Father's Day we'll be having a cook out and relaxing. I got my dad the first three seasons of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and my hubby -- well, I'm just getting him a gift card. Ha ha. Honestly, that's what he likes. Probably going to be for Lowes or Home Depot.
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    Gonna try to knock out several smaller things on the lathe this weekend in preparation for a show next weekend. Probably be helping SWMBO with other stuff around the house, too.

    I don't anticipate anything special for Father's Day. None of the three fuzzy children ever got that whole opposable thumb thing figured out, so I'm not expecting any cards. I will be giving my dad a call to catch up on the latest, though.
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