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Thread: General Kitchen Cabinet Finishing Questions

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    General Kitchen Cabinet Finishing Questions

    Good Morning:

    I'd like to ask about kitchen cabinet finishes in general:

    1) Are there some finishes that hold up better (are more durable) long term against the soapy sponge better than others?

    The example I'm thinking of is the spaghetti sauce that gets splattered on your cupboards but you don't notice it until the next day.

    2) Are there some finishes that protect the wood better from stains than others?

    So which, if any, are recommended, and which, if any, are *not* recommended.

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    I'm surprised we haven't heard from anyone yet on this.

    For my cabinets I sprayed nitroceluose lacquer. I grew up with it and am very comfortable with it. I know there are better finishes out there but for me speed and easy availabilty is what I was interested in. Meybe a pre-catalyzed finish would have been better but haven't used any since the late 80's early 90's and they were fussy as far as recoating and touchup was concerned.

    Hey Tom what are you appling to your kitchen cabinets?

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    I've used a wipe on Polyurethane varnish on my last two kitchesn, and they've held up well. My preference is for General Finishes "Arm-r-Seal" in the satin version. Three or four coats, sanded between each coat.

    Beyond that, I'd probably farm the job out to someone who could spray some Pre-cat lacquer.
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