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Thread: Newbie from Indianapolis

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    Newbie from Indianapolis

    Hi everyone! My name is Ashley (as seen by my handle, of course) and I'm a complete newbie to the forums. In fact, I'm a complete newbie to woodworking! My husband of 6 years has been a huge woodworking buff and he figured I should get involved with his shenanigans. . . . and the kids too.

    Anyway, he suggested that I find a forum or join a workshop to help me get started. For me, the easiest thing was to find a forum -- and low and behold, this is probably the most (eerily) perfect forum I could find. Our goal for the end of this summer is to make our own patio furniture. Will it work out? Who knows? We're certainly gonna try. In the meantime, I'll browse the forums, ask questions and hopefully make some neat friends.

    Seeya around, everyone!
    Can I make my own patio furniture? You bet your sweet bippy, I can.

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    Hi Ashley and welcome. We go quite a few hoosiers here in the Family. I do need to wornya though that the bearded guy from Michigan has been known to travel to you state also so beware.
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    Welcome to the family Ashley!

    There are a couple of folks on here that have built their own patio furniture, I'm sure they'll introduce themselves soon enough.

    P.S. We like lots of project pics, no pics...didn't happen.

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    Well as soon as we get started, I'll be sure to post some pics! Thanks for the welcome, guys!

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    welcome ashley, ask away and we dont discourage any questions, we all asked the same ones when we started out,, but maybe you should get your hubby in here too, then we can learn from him
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    Welcome Ashley.......and your husband too

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    Welcome aboard!

    Patio furniture sounds like a super first project! Keep us posted!
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    Welcome Ashley and family to the Family! Lots of nice people here. You will enjoy your time here.


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    Welcome Ashley !!

    I have a feeling a member from Long Island will be showing off his great Adirondack chairs to you.
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    Welcome Ashley. hope ya have as good as stay as i have. Great bunch of folks here and they love to help.

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