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Thread: I hate that little twinge

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    I hate that little twinge

    I dont know why I have so little confidence when it comes to making that one big cut.
    I work on a top for over a week, alot of hours, then finally, when I have to lay a straight edge on it and cut it down to size, after measuring 6 times, checking everything, dont want a mishap, dont want the cord to snag, dont want to bump into something as IM walking the saw through, whatever, I get that twinge, that split second of impending disaster just as Im about to pull the switch and turn on the saw.
    Im sure if I was a pro and knew what I was doing so well I could do it in my sleep, Id just consider it another cut, get it done, move on.
    I hate this twinge, this little split second of doom before I do that final cut.
    Dont know why I fear the final cuts, cant figure it out.
    Am I alone, does the final cut of a top or panel give anyone else the willys before they slice it to final dimensions?
    anyway, its time to do the final cut.

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    I don't think you're alone on this type of cut, Allen. Especially when cutting something you've spent a long time working on already.

    But you've got the tools and the experience to do it.

    Good luck. We're all counting on you.

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    Are you kidding. I get that feeling of impending doom everytime I have to make a precision cut. Even though I'm confident I've made, checked and rechecked measurements, I know my innate ability to screw it up.
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    hey it only wood...
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    Every time I make a cut I get that feeling.

    It's kind of like flying radio controlled airplanes. Every flight could be the last one. You spend a lot of time and money building the things and then you just have to fly it. It's great when they come home A-ok, but every flight there is a lot of opportunity to mess it up...

    I remember one time I had a glider that used a little .049 engine assist to get to altitude. Nice glider, flew real well. I launched it and realized after trying to control it that I forgot to turn the radio in the plane on. Boy did that thing fly in a nice little climbing lazy circle. Never saw it again....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    Are you kidding. I get that feeling of impending doom everytime I have to make a precision cut. Even though I'm confident I've made, checked and rechecked measurements, I know my innate ability to screw it up.

    Bob said it all for me. I would add its not only on the final cut but most cuts. You sure aint alone.

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