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Thread: Is this safe ????

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    Is this safe ????

    I recently gave away my fancy crosscut sled when I sold the Shopsmith.
    I threw this together quickly because I had to cut the lid of the chest I'm making. The lid was teetering a bit so I put this clamp on the help keep it stable when I cut it to length.

    It worked just fine but the more I thought about it I wondered if it was a potential safety hazard

    Should I take it off or is it Ok to use when cutting long panels.

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    When I cross cut long boards I clamp em like this.

    You setup relys on frixion between the board and the sled which to me may not be safe.
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    Bob, I think the toggle clamp should do fine to keep the board flat on the sled and prevent it from teetering off the side of the sled. The bar clamp approach that Don showed will keep the board from rotating (horizontally) in relation to the blade. I'd think the best approach to use depends on which way the board is trying to move on you. From your description with the panel you were cutting, I think the toggle clamp would be my choice.
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    i agree that the toggle clamp is fine bob and another thought is to use some psa paper to make the grip better on your back help them form slipping horizontaly.. any time you can get your hands away from the cutter is a good idea..
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    Hmm, I've only used clamps on my cross cut sled for small items in order to keep my fingers away from the blade. Larger items just go through un-aided...
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