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    Iron Wood

    Another day off of work today.....but back at it I picked up some of the iron wood I was talking about on an earlier post and decided to try a small section out to see how it turns.

    Pictures 1-2 is some of the green ironwood I got and sealed the ends up and stacked up on a work bench

    Pictures 3,4,5 are the small vessel I turned to completion in one session - 2 coats of DO and now sitting out in the open inside the house. When I had the form the way I wanted it, I was able to shear scrape very lightly and create a very smooth finish - started sanding at 180 on this and ended at 320. Wet this wood cuts very nicely........

    Pictures 6-9 are the mesquite vessel with its finish coat of semi gloss laquer sitting inside for the next week....then will probably steel wool down the finish and buff with Renaissance.......or something along those lines.....Picture 9 is just before I brought it inside - last coat drying
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Saturday-21.jpg   Saturday-2.jpg   Saturday-3.jpg   Saturday-4.jpg   Saturday-5.jpg  

    Saturday-6.jpg   Saturday-7.jpg   Saturday-8.jpg   Saturday-1.jpg  
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    I like them both. I especially like the first one.

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