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Thread: flirting with danger?

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    new york city burbs

    flirting with danger?

    Cherry is so expensive in the northeast.(well, downstate at least)
    Its well over 6 bucks a bf in any lumber yard on Long Island.(some have it at 8.00 a bf)
    I found a guy across the state line, with fair prices, and although they deliver out of state for mainly commercial accounts, Im going to get a break on shipping and will let them send me the lumber whenever they have a truck coming out my way, they will piggyback my order on with someone elses order.
    Over 200 bf without seeing it?
    Living dangerously?

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    Got to trust your seeing eye guy. If he did me wrong one time that would be it for him.
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    If it's a fair price, I'd go for it. $6/bf seems very high compared to what prices you see down here, although it's hit/miss even finding any in alabama without a tax exempt id/business license.

    If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. If it's a legit comercial supplier at a reasonable price I don't think you'll have much to fear.

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    I buy my common cherry from this guy. $2.15 bf
    His prices are listed in the lumber section.
    If you want to pre buy from him I can pick it up and meet you half way. Hartford maybe.
    It's common so you have more waste than the good stuff but it's pretty inexpensive.
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    I ordered 500bf of lumber from North Carolina sight unseen. Prices, including shipping, made it pretty reasonable compared to the lumber yards I've seen out here. Still not as cheap of lumber as you guys get, but was a pretty good deal to me...
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    cherry is so common in my parts that we use for pallet stock
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    pallet stock?

    I looked all around and I cant do much better than 5 bucks give or take 20 cents a bf, and then there is the transport of it from lumber yard to me.
    The only thing I can save around here is shipping, so I was pretty happy if I can cut my shipping costs down by not giving any specific time I need it and get it shipped when they have a truck in the area.
    Ill know by tomorrow what its all gonna cost me.
    Ive done well so far with hardwoods, so Im not complaining about the price, just a bit wary of ordering something without seeing it.
    I asked the guy questions, about clarity of lumber and all that, and he told me its all clear and select.
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    I can get it for 4.00 bd/ft. FAS from a local family ran mom and pop face frame shop. If I get it from a supplier it's in the 6 to 8 range.

    I agree with Dave, I'd try it, but if I got burnt I'd be done with it.
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    I dont have all the info, dont even know the shipping costs yet, but its coming later in the week I was told.
    I will hold off posting anything till I see the wood and if I got what I asked for.(6 inch width preferred, no more than 12 foot lengths, 8-12 footers)

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    somewhere east of Queen Creek, AZ - South East of Phoenix
    $4.50 for 4/4 in phoenix, 6.50 for 8/4.
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