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Thread: Pocket Hole Screws?

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    Pocket Hole Screws?

    I just have the small basic PSI pocket hole jig and used it the other day with some of the sample screws. It worked pretty well so now I see that Amazon has the screws on sale and I thought that I might pick up some to have on hand. My only problem is that I do not know what I need. It seems to me that the 1 1/4 inch in both course and fine thread would just about cover things using 3/4" material but I really have no idea. Also I do not know the difference in washer head and pan head screw useage. I am also wondering about the cost difference between the weather resistant and normal screws.

    By now I suppose that you get the point. I have no idea what I am doing but would like to have some screws on hand when I want to use them. The 1,000 packs represent a good value but I do not want to have an unopened 1,000 pack sitting around for 10 years because they have no use for me.

    What would be a good choice to cover most applications?

    Here is the page that I am looking at:

    I also have no idea if these are good deals or not.

    Thanks for any help!!!!


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    You're right, Allen -- the 1-1/4" screws are what you'll probably use the most of, as they are for 3/4" stock.

    I suggest that you check the manual that tells you what size screws to use for what thickness wood. Then it is really up to you, depending on what thickness of wood that you primarily work with.

    For instance, If you only work with 3/4" plywood, then you only need 1-1/4" coarse.

    I haven't used tons of them, but I find that I mostly use the 1-1/4" size, but I also like to keep a small amount of the 1-1/2" size around, for if I work with 1" stock.

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    Hi Allen, the course screws are for man made materials,and softwoods, the fine thread are for hardwoods, If you are only going to buy one get the fine thread, it holds well in everything I have tryed, 1 1/4" for 3/4" material, and
    1" for 1/2 material.

    By the way, Amazons price with the 25% discount is a bargain, I just ordered 2 boxes of 5000 last night.
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    I use the 1-1/4" screws the most by far, as they won't poke through a 3/4" thick face frame. I do keep a small quantity of 1-1/2" screws on hand but rarely use them. Get fine thread for hardwoods, and coarse thread for softwoods, plywood and composites. The weather-resistant version is nice to have on hand if the joints might be exposed to moisture, or if you use with woods that are acidic (i.e., oak), where a regular steel screw would corrode.

    But if you were to buy only one flavor, I'd say get a box of 1-1/4" as those seem to be the most versatile.



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    Thanks for the quick responses Guys!!! I feel much better about placing an order now.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I use the hi-lo quickscrew brand. THey are for both soft and hard wood.
    Mainly 1 1/2 for face frames. No they don't poke through.
    I use 1 1/4 when I am attaching 3/4 to 3/4 material.

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    I use the 1 1/2" hi low pan head screw for 3/4 thick material. Louis and Co. has the assy screw which works really well too. I think the kreg 1 1/4 washer head screw is too short for 3/4 material. Also I have my pocket depth set to 7/8 of and inch.


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    hi allen,

    my experience with pocket screws it that the fine thread work for everything. especially since i also glue my face frames (some people don't) so the screw is more or less just acting as a clamp till the glue dries. but i have never had a problem and i'm build some stuff out of pine and cypress, don't get much softer than that.

    about the washer vs pan head. now this is just my experience, but i found when using Kreg's washer head it had a tendency to strip out, reason is because the head of the screw is designed to hit the bottom of the hole, stop and spin when you continue to turn the screw the threads pull the 2 pieces tight together. i have found it is easy to over tighten and therefore strip out those screws, leaving you with an unuseable hole. the pan head on the other hand tends to dig a little into the wood at the bottom of the hole. allowing me to synch the two pieces tightly together.

    hope that made sense. just remember this is only my experience, the chance that i was doing something wrong is highly likely...

    good luck on your choice.
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    If you can hold out until the Tampa Woodworking Show you can talk things over with the Kreg people! (We will be there Fri afternoon and Sat -- let's get a FWW meeting going!)

    They have good prices on their screws at the show, I bought two 1000 screw boxes several years ago -- and I'm going back for refills this year. I "followed instructions" and use the coarse on softwoods and ply and the fine on hardwoods.

    I set the clutch on my drill so it releases as the screw bottoms out, so I haven't had the experience that Chris has had.


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    That's a good idea about waiting until the show but Saturday I placed an order with Amazon. They showed everything that I ordered in stock but got an email today and they only shipped two sevenths of my order so if the rest is not shipped by showtime I will cancel and buy there. (See "What's the deal with Amazon" thread). I think that I can make the show either Fri or Sat but maybe only Saturday. Will have to see later. A get together sounds good. We may have to start a new thread closer to the date of the show to get some responses.

    I am taking back some of what I said about my Amazon order. I rechecked and some of what I ordered may have said "normally ships in 10 to 12 days" so since I am using super saver shipping they may be waiting to combine my order.
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