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Thread: Looking for website or business name

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    Looking for website or business name

    For all you guys and gals who have been here for a bunch of years at Family, someone had posted a website about a business that sold colored/dyed wood. They would inject the young trees with all different colors..... yellow, blue, purple, red etc..... and when the trees were mature they would cut them down and sell the wood either as boards or as turning blanks. Does anyone remember the website or the name of the company????
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    I remember that too, but no help as an info source, but just that you are not imagining the remembering...

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    I think that article was in WoodShop News several years back you might contact them and ask.
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    Glad I'm not losing least not yet. I had also posted on another forum and they came back with an article from Popular Woodworking naming the company as TS Woods. The website isn't the same anymore but I might be able to locate them another way. Someone else remembered that it was a father/son company out of Pueblo, CO, guys names are Tom and Shaun Frink. They may not be in business anymore but might still have some wood to sell. I'll keep you posted if I find out anything more. Thanks for the help!
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