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Thread: Beginner Gloat from Lee Valley

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    Beginner Gloat from Lee Valley

    Hi Guys:

    Just wanted to give you the Lee Valley Report:

    Here is what I bought this morning. My very first, mine, all-mine, and only mine, woodworking tools.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2 books
    a set of 3 Japanese detail saws
    honing gauge
    doweling jig
    a couple of good rulers
    a set of beginner carving tools
    and a hat.

    Since you guys told me that if there's no photo, it never happened, here's the photo for you from my backyard.
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    Seems you got trapped in another woodworking vortex Cynthia ....the Lee Valley store.

    Nice tools but you got me curious why three Japanese saws? I can only use one at a time.

    BTW you in good company here Robin Lee is a member of our forum.

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    And thus the joinery journey begins. And you picked an excellent place to shop. I wish we had Lee Valley stores where I live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    And thus the joinery journey begins. And you picked an excellent place to shop. I wish we had Lee Valley stores where I live.
    Now that would be nice, very nice indeed. Only they need to build it in INDY. You left coast guys may fall in the ocean.


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    Well, Cynthia, unless we see you with the hat on, it really didn't happen.

    Of course, it's me, the jig, calling the saw, well... un-beveled

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    Wow, Nice haul! You don't mess around!
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    "The Illustrated Cabinetmaking" is one of my favorite books. Good choice!
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    good store for sure cynthia,, and your off to the races now
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