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Thread: The book "Furniture Antiques Found in Virginia"

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    The book "Furniture Antiques Found in Virginia"

    Went downtown to get my monthly haircut and as I alway do, I stopped by my favorite used book store, Henderson Books. I found another treasure there and that was Carlyle Lynch's first book.

    It is a book with measured drawings of various antique furniture found in Virginia. It is beautiful book and I got it for $10. It is a steal of a deal. I almost feel guilty. If you don't know who Carlyle Lynch, shame on you. Besides his books, he was a major contributor of American Woodworker magazine and published many measured drawings of furniture. Google his name and see.

    Last month, after my haircut, I managed to snag used copies of two Aldren Watson books. "Country Furniture" and "Furniture Making Plain & Simple".

    Country Funiture is part history book and part how to build country furniture. It has been an excellent read. The other is a how to build eleven classic pieces of furniture using hand tools. It is a book that I value quite a bit. I already have his Hand Tool book.

    The way things have been going with my book finds, I can't wait until my next haircut. Now if I can just keep my wife from finding out these additions. Good thing my books are like her shoes, hard to tell with all of them around, if something is new.
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    Nice one Bill

    Check this out too.

    and this one as well


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