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Thread: Shop made Spokeshaves

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    Shop made Spokeshaves

    Here are two wooden spokeshaves that I recently made using the Lee Valley blades (and other metal parts). The one in front is the small shave (in cocobolo), and the one in back is the large shave (in pau ferro).

    The Lee Valley parts make for a very nice shave. In other "modern" shaves, the method of setting the depth of cut is somewhat awkward. The way Hock recommends for their shave blade is to put two screws under the ends of the blades, and adjust them until you get the amount of cut you like. The problem, of course, is that you have to take the blade out each time to make the adjustment. Dave's Shaves uses a set screw that's adjustable from the top of the shave, but you have to have an allen wrench and that technique leaves two unsightly holes in the top of the shave. With the LV "kit" you adjust the lower adjustment wheel to raise or lower each side of the blade. The top adjustment wheel just locks the blade in place. LV has a good explanation of how this works on their site, if you want more details.

    Anyway, this is the first time I've used a low angle spokeshave and I was very pleased - they really work well. Much easier to use than the higher angle spokeshaves.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Spokeshave 001 (1100 x 400).jpg   Spokeshave 002 (1000 x 422).jpg  
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    Nice. Sure do like Cocobolo...too bad we had an alergic reaction. Boys cannot be around it, I can for short periods. Beautiful stuff, though.

    I agree about the adjustment mechanism LV chose. Well thought out, works pretty positive and easy.

    As a tip for those who make one of these kits, or simply want to play with other shaves, try adjusting one side for a ranker cut, and a really fine cut on the other side. That way you can go from hogging on rounded work to smoothing without adjustments.

    Of course--if you are shaving something nearly as wide as the shave's blade, set it evenly...

    Take care, Mike
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    Those both look gorgeous, Mike. I've not yet had a need for a spokeshave, but seeing yours, I think I'll be looking at the LV kit if the occasion comes up where I need one.
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    Mike those are really nice!

    They look too nice to be knocking around some work bench, you'd better send them to me, I'll take good care of them
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    Nice looking spokeshaves Mike. I bet with those handles they are nice to hold as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    I've not yet had a need for a spokeshave....
    Hey Vaughn,
    Spend five minutes with one of these guys and you will never go back. I thought I didn't need a spokeshave either, but they are go much fun to use that I find myself reaching for them more and more. They aren't just for spindles! They work wonders truing most curves, can put a nice chamfer on any shape. I really like to make a chamfer that is deeper in the middle of the board and tapers out as it approaches the end of the board - piece o cake with these guys.

    Mike's shaves are great! Take a LN Brian Boggs shave for a spin, too!

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