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Thread: Garage Workshop

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    Garage Workshop

    Here's some pics of my shop finally. Hopefully I'll have a stand alone shop in the next year, but for now it works. My biggest problem really is dealing with the humidity and rust. I have to clean and wax any hand tools I use at the end of the day or they'll be rusted the next morning. Some AC would be nice too.

    There's some more trains and the end table in the works on the bench.
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    Way to clean..
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    I just pulled everything out of the garage cleaning trying to get all my wood up on shelves. I got everything but a 1' pile on the ground up on shelving so it was worthwhile. Thought I'd take some pictures while I was at it.

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    Nice wood storage. +1 on the AC!


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    If my work area was that organized, Id never find anything.
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    Great Googly Moogly Jeb! You need to get yourself some more junk!
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    Great looking shop Jeb
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    Holy moly Jebb i just cleaned up my shop and it dont look like that. Has your bandsaw just come out of the box?

    I like the lumber storage Another +1 for using metal supports as opposed to the 2x4, look at how little space is wasted in between shelves. Thats perfect in my opinion.

    Of course if you have the space certain private lumber stashes in MI have then its a different story.

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    I have to agree Jeb...way too clean and organized. Got a great collection of clamps there. Trains look like they would be a fun project. Will you be posting pics of them?

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    I'll be posting train pics when they're done, and I can post the plan too. I originally made a couple for my nephew and friend. I had requests for a couple more, so made another 5 while I was at it.

    The bandsaw is pretty new, just a couple months ago.

    The shelving is vertical strips/doubled clip in brackets from lowes. I love them, they turned out sturdier than I expected. I have about 100 lbs per bracket load on them and they are rock solid.

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