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Thread: Mobile base on a TS?

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    Question Mobile base on a TS?

    Locally a person has THIS new HTC mobile base for a TS for sale. Don't quite know how I feel about having the TS on wheels.

    How many of you have your TS on a mobile base? Pros? Cons?
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    I have mine on wheels Rennie, but then I built a cabinet for my TS to sit in as I have a contractor saw. Took it off the legs and built a box under it to connect the DC up to. Wheels are great as It is heavy enough and locking wheels that pushing stock through will not move it. Unlock the wheels and move it around when I need more space for other projects. I am a big fan of mobility in my shop as it is an attached garage shop. Once the new shop is built I will be giving permanant homes to all the machines and will have a cabinet saw by then too.

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    My Ridgid TS came with the Herc-U-Lift mobility system. When not moving it, the wheels release and the saw sits on a pad on each of the 4 legs. Great mobility when needed and stability when using. I also built a mobile base for the new G0691 cabinet saw. The wheels bolt on if I need to move the saw, sits on 6 pads otherwise. Again, the best of both worlds. I would be leery of a mobile base that left wheels on the ground. Some say the double locking casters work fine. It just wasn't something I was comfortable with. Not sure how the HTC bases work. Jim.
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    I have my Shop Fox cabinet saw on a SF mobile base. With the large size of the table and fence I wouldn't have it any other way. If it's in the way, I can move it. Need more bench space in another location? I can move the saw. Need to pull the lawn mower in for service? Move the saw, and just about everything else to the back. Mobile bases give much variation in the way I can use my shop. I have them on the band saw, jointer, dust collector, ShopSmith (drill press, disk sander, lathe), B&D workmate (planer) and 2 roll around toolboxes. I'm trying to figure out how to get my 2 workbenches on wheels. All of the machines are on Delta bases or Harbor Freight Delta clones except the SF and the SS--it's on the SS wheels.

    With the proper mobile setup you will not need to worry about the machine moving while you use it. It would be a concern if bases were done improperly. Hope this helps.


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    My jet Contractor saw is on a herc lift also, It's needed in my small shop but if I had the room I probubly would mess with one.
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    Rennie i got my table saw on a mobile base its a General Base and has two tangs that i just press down on and its mobile. When i want it stationary just pop my feet under the tangs and lift them and it drops gently onto two feet and is solid on the floor. The drawback is it has been fine while I have not had the extension full and with any weight. This base only caters for the cabinet. So you got a good one there.

    However i plan to fix mine down after my canoe project. I want to build a extension table in the front so its going to end up as a stationary island.

    But it has been handy to have it moveable.

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    both my bandsaw and jointer are on HTC bases and Ive never had an issue with movement once I released the front wheels and let it rest on the floor.

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    I have the same setup that Ron Jones has, but mine hasn't moved in several years. In fact, the tires have probably gone flat from sitting there so long.
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    My TS3650 also has the herculift and I use it regularly. I'm planing to build a new base for my Ridgid ts so that I can incorporate storage and lower dust collection for my router setup.

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    i have my table saw and jointer on a mobile base. basically home made, but it serves it's purpose. only changes i'm going to make, are to add the blue wheels that i have under the bandsaw/drill press table, and make them all easier to move.
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