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Thread: Steel City Drill Press II

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    Steel City Drill Press II

    Didn't want to highjack Jay's thread on his SCT drill press, so here's mine. I got it on the $469 special price with an additional $75 rebate. It's a great press for $394, and a 5 year warranty! It's heavy, smooth, quiet and I really like the 6" quill travel. The paint job could have been a bit better, but no big thing. I look forward to many long years of service.

    I'm probably going to get the Rockler table/fence for it.

    I added a FoxShop mobile base, for moving and more stability with the wider stance. There are two footed posts that extend down to prevent movement when in use.

    These are my 2 MUVs, one with a Makita 12" planer and the other with my Dewalt DW713 Miter saw. They are so handy, and stable as can be with "unfolded". That's a large slab of wood that my Dad sanded and engraved "Cook's Hotel"..."No Vacancy" on it and hung it on the tree in their front yard. This was because so many friends, family members would just show up at their house and stay for days.... They lived in very southern Oregon, right near the ocean, rivers, mountains with tons of great fishing.. When my Dad passed away, I got the sign. I'm thinking of making a table out of it one day.

    The sale is still on, for those who might be interested in a very nice drill press at a great price.
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    Congrats, Greg. If I were shopping for a full size drill press, I think that's the one I'd end up with. If I had the space (and cash) right now, I'd snag one just to take advantage of the price.
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    Looks really good Greg, and that price...........

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