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Thread: Sealing black letters

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    Sealing black letters

    I made sign (first one) using Milescraft pantogragh. It came out great. I have a problem though I didn't route it deep enough (wood is Oak) so I could have i didn't have to worry about veneer. I was worried about very thing else so much I didn't set the bit low enough. I had practiced enough and this was the real thing.

    To my problem. I can't paint it black and belt sand or plane it off because of what I just mentioned letters not deep enough. So I need to color the letters black and then water proof the sign with something (it will be outside).

    The question is what kind of paint should I use in the lettering (going to hand paint them) that would be compatible with a type of waterproofing coating.

    Thanks Bill

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    I would suggest 1Shot lettering enamel, it should be pretty easy to find.

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    Bill, 1 shot is the best I agree.
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    Thanks I've e mailed them.

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