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Thread: New way to park your car

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    New way to park your car

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    Gee, wonder what something like that costs? Cool idea, but practical?

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    Once I handed the car and hope to get a Mercedes for her, but could not. The mine got it back. :-)


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    What a rally cool idea.
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    Wow... I can only imagine how many zeros there are in the price tag of THAT thing! Huge excavation. Huge machine. Huge amount of moving parts.

    I did notice how they pack them in vertically also. The ceiling was only about 12" above the roof of that car! No room for my minivan in something like that.

    Have you seen this automated bike parking tower in Tokyo? Similar idea, but for bikes.
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    Ah Don you touched a nerve there. Thats my old hunting ground the European Parking Industry. There is more than one manufacturer of that type of system.

    Space is a premium in European cities

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