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Thread: Ryobi dust collector

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    Ryobi dust collector

    I have an old but goody Ryobi dry vacuum, the one with the cardboard drum. It works just fine but the foam sleeve, filter bag and rubber band have disappeared! The foam filter and rubber band are still available but the filter bag is not; and a pricey replacement at that!

    Anybody got a work around? The "cage" this all covers is a 6" diameter and about 6" height. Where might I get some foam filter and cloth filter material to fashion a new system?

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    i would think you could get the foam from an upholstery or fabric store, and cut it to size. just an idea...
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    The first vac that I had used foam and a paper bag that was held on with a rubber band. The vac I have now was just a paper filter that was letting too much fine dust thru. I cut the pant leg from some old blue jeans and put that over the paper filter. It seems to work good and has cut down on the fine dust coming back out the exhaust side.

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    Ryobi dust collector

    Carol, you might want to buy a foam air conditioner filter, from the hardware store and cut to size and wrap it around the air return unit inside then use a
    small bungee cord to secure it to the unit. As to a dust bag, check and see
    if one from a belt sander could fit, then again you might buy a dust bag from a Ryobi tablesaw user for a few bucks, the one's from the BT3000 & BT3100 might be what you need.

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