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Thread: Family Woodworking Google Earth Member Tour

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    Family Woodworking Google Earth Member Tour


    I'm creating yet another thread concerning the "Post your coordinates" thread.

    I have assembled 23 entries into a tour for Google Earth. I posted this in the other thread, but since only 4 of you requested the file, I'm thinking it needs highlighting in a new thread.

    I'm going to copy a few things from the other thread here - please bear with me if you've read them before.

    "Anybody wanting a copy of the tour should PM me with their email address. (I can't attach the file because vBulletin doesn't recognise the format) Your email address will not be visible to other recipients - I'll blind CC the list."

    In the interest of privacy, I'm going to limit requests to those who have submitted their own coordinates.

    "Just a few guidelines if you please, for submitting you coordinates for inclusion in the list/tour.

    1. Please give your lat/long in deg,sec, minute format - it's what I'm set up to handle. Cut and paste this template with the deg symbol already in it, if that helps:

    XX° XX' XX.XX" N, XX° XX' XX.XX" W

    Insert S or E if they apply.

    Windows keyboard shortcut for deg symbol - While holding down Alt key type 0176

    2. If you're unable to determine your lat/long you can PM me your street address. It won't appear on the list - I'll find your lat/long for you.

    3. Please include a town/city, state/province/region and country if outside North America) If you prefer not to be so specific about your whereabouts, please say so. Understand though, that with your lat/long it's very easy to get that information.

    This will allow me to get you into the Google Earth tour much quicker.

    Thanks for your cooperation"

    That about covers it. You do need a high speed internet connection to use Google Earth. Download Here

    Thanks all
    All the best,
    Ian G

    **Now holding auditions for a catchy new signature**

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    Hey Ian, I just took the tour, that is VERY cool!!

    I'm the last guy on the tour, seeing as it goes from East to West, but the pics of my building are unreal, you can see the solar panels that make up the front, or South 1/3 of my rooftop, and near the North side of the rooftop, you can see a blue splotch, this is an old fridge that we put up there for BBQ parties and such.

    Take the tour guys, VERY interesting!

    Thanks for taking the time Ian!!

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    What Stu said.

    Cool tour, Ian. If you guys who've posted your coordinates haven't gotten it from Ian yet, you should check it out.
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