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Thread: Do you have an inventory list of your shop contents?

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    Do you have an inventory list of your shop contents?

    In another thread Darren wrote

    "I usually video tape, contents of the garage and open all the drawers. It only takes a few minutes to do and with the digital age, you can store them on remote server or location without much effort for safe keeping."

    I thought this could do with a little highlighting for greater awareness. Its like safety the kinda things we forget until its too late.

    I plan on doing mine this morning, its something i have been putting off but every now and then i wake up in the night to noises and think, is someone in my shop. Since we have a holiday here i have the time.

    Thanks Darren.

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    I have a spread sheet of all my bigger tools. Date bought and serial number. Pictures of all the stuff and set up.

    Router bit and saw blades, I just don't worry about.

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    No but I got a 12 gage does that count...
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    No. Videos and pics are planned, and have been for years.
    Same with our collections, especially my wife's bells.
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    With my homeowners policy (and the fact that this is a hobby) I am covered so far. I also use digital pics including shots of serial number plates on larger machines. These are on a memory chip that is in the file with all the receipts and warranty info in the fire-safe in the home office. I update it at tax time; what I mean is that I use my tax prep as a reminder to update my shop inventory info.
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    not only your tools, you all should video any valuables you have in your home for insurance company proof. it only takes a few minutes, and the worst that could happen is that the insurance company wont believe you.

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    Spread sheet and digital photos. I figure it's also helpful to my family in case I check out unexpectedly.

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    I don't but probably good idea to do so... I only have a few tools of any value... but would hate to have to replace any of them.
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    I think Glenn made his preceeding two posts to try and get his old man in line. He is always showing me how much more efficient it is to put a tool away when you are thru with it (so you can find it again) and jazz like that.

    Now he's messing with my photo inventory system---which I regularly (every few years or so) keep up to date. He just can't seem to get it into his head that I have to work a couple days a month and don't have time for foolishness.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    No but I got a 12 gage does that count...
    Will it kill a fire Don?
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