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Thread: Friday and 4 many a 3 day weekend

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    Friday and 4 many a 3 day weekend

    Well we have another weekend upon us and for many who will be celebrating our 224th year of independence it will be a 3 day one, so whatcha got planned.
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    Attending my wife's side family reunion. She has 11 aunts and uncles and 48 first cousins and many of them are grandparents now...there's going to be over 200 people there! No way I'll remember all the names, but I do have the aunts, uncles and their spouse's names down.

    Can't wait for the homeade pies! I won't be keeping up with the diet this weekend.
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    I will be heading to Western Md to catch some trout tomorrow. It was so good 2 weekends ago I need to repeat.

    HAPPY 4th all....Be safe.
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    Finishing up some odd jobs for customers - wood screen repairs, final touch ups on a sign I made and installed, repair an office chair, finish trim around the new windows I had installed. Then, let me see. There was something else...... what was it.... Oh yeah, pick up my fiance at the airport!
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    rennie, youre playing with fire my man.

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    Trying out a new shooting range Saturday with a friend that just bought a new handgun, need to finish sighting in my new red-dot. My nephew is on leave from the AF for the week, so going to go visit him. Hanging out with friends for the 4th and relaxing a bit. Everyone have a safe 4th!

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    Mini family visit on Saturday. Vaughn's stopping by to pick up some Michigan chocolate that followed me home.

    Me? Still recovering from the great American adventure. Experienced a couple of injuries while gone and am dealing with the aftermath. Nothing serious. Just aggravation of old permanent injuries that mandate a few chiropractic visits and a lot of taking it easy.

    Back in the saddle again on Sunday. Missed my little flock and will be happy to be back in their midst.

    Then next week there is stowing away a bunch of trees I unloaded from my car. Maybe some pics if I remember the camera,.

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    Saturday morn is walnut day. Going to drop what I can before it gets to hot. Evening is a cook out and visit with friends.

    Sunday is of course the 4th. Different party's to attend all day.

    Monday hope to pick up the remaining auction lumber.

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    not sure about the rest of the weekend, but today the DW, our youngest son and I zipped off to Rochester and visited the Strong Museum of Play, along with a really cool Diner on our way to the museum. A good time was had by all!

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    Throughout the day Thursday, Friday and Saturday I'll be helping a friend paint his home. It's a bigger job than usual - a 100+ year old Victorian with multiple colors (5), that's approximately 32' to the peak. And the roof is 8/12 so no walking on that either. Since it has gable porches on both the front and back that preclude the ability to get a ladder to either peak, he rented a 45' foot manlift to facilitate the process.

    In the evenings I'll be working on my own project - remodeling/expanding the laundry room. I'm at the point of tape and muding the drywall. Did I mention that I hate sanding drwall mud? My plans are to try something different this time - renting the Porter Cable power drywall sander/vac. If anyone has any experience with this unit I'd love to hear about it.

    I was told that Sunday evening we're going to my brother-in-law's house where he'll set fire to a $1000 dollars and hopefully not blow his hand off. I'll probably drive separate so that I can come home early and be with the dog.

    Monday morning (my official "work" 4th holiday), my friend and I have a 60 mile bike ride planned around (literally) a nearby island (Vashon) that's only accessible by ferry. Should be fun.

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