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Thread: Big surprise last night!

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    Big surprise last night!

    Ripping a board - I used what I thought was all the safety and correct procedures for ripping a board --

    Did you hear me yell last night? Confession today for the words I used out-loud and even more to myself -- Pain -- so much that I wanted to puke and pass-out at the same time... I even had to put my head between my legs to keep the floor from hitting my nose. assumed a broken arm but it was not..

    KICK BACK err major kick back!!

    The photo does not show the shoulder pain - must have moved my arm back far enough to hurt the shoulder joint..

    I am leery to even turn the saw on now... but I need to use it -- my project is not done/// trying to build up my courage and massage my ego.
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    you need to explain how you were doing what it was that caused this paul.. so the rest of us can relate better than just a kick back.. must hve been some plywood huh???a
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    Where i come from we used to say "Eina" with the E pronounced "A". That means very very sore. Sorry to hear of the accident Paul. But they say best medicine is to get back on the horse.

    I agree with Larry tell the detail so people can learn and you can get advice on where things went wrong. Otherwise no one is the wiser.

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    Man Paul you took one heck of a wack there buddy. Sorry to see that as I'm sure you a very gun shy now.
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    Ouch! Glad you're OK otherwise.

    Did the board pinch the blade or something?

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    Dang that's some bruising. Caught you hard. Take care and be thankful bruises heal and hopefully your spirit too
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    Nasty! BTDT...

    Using a splitter? - preferably one with pawls? I hardly ever make a thru cut without one any more. Same with my UNIGuard - I nearly always use it.

    They work, and I feel much less apprehensive about using the saw with them on there. Note: Some apprehension is a good thing. It helps keep you mind on the task at hand.
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    Glad it was only a bruise what you got.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Where i come from we used to say "Eina" with the E pronounced "A". That means very very sore.
    That's funny Rob, in my mother tongue "Eina" written in exactly the same way but being the E pronounced "E" means.... Tool
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