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Thread: Planing/smoothing edges of hardwood frame on plywood edges?

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    Planing/smoothing edges of hardwood frame on plywood edges?

    this is the third or fourth time I needed to plane down the sides of hardwood edging,(faceframe) I glued to plywood edges.
    I only own 2 planes, a clifton smoother and 3/4 inch shoulder plane.
    I like the smoother, it planes so easily, but getting smooth and even with plywood I tend to shave into the plywood sides.
    Is there a certain technique Im lacking, (not that I ever had any style or technique with hand planes). Should I hold the plane a certain way, stand on whichever side and plane away, towards, 45 degrees, gotta be a way, or is it just alot of practice.
    I usually give the scraper a couple of pulls when I done planing just to get a very smooth feel, and that doesnt cut into the plywood.
    sorry if its a silly question, Im lacking experience with hand tools, especially planes.
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    Allen, I favor the block plane for that kind of work. Mine is set to take very thin shavings.
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    What Don said, I was gonna say you gotta add another tool to the bunch you have already. Aint no one told you this neader stuff is a vortex worse than spinny.

    I would use a block plane too. Lighter small blade easier to control with one hand and take it easy. Free shipping before 11 July.

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