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Thread: Infinity Tool order

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    Infinity Tool order

    Well, I received a nice little unexpected bonus at work this morning, and so promptly came home and put part of it to good use. I needed a new blade for my Hitachi SCMS. The factory blade is fine for framing, but not so fine for cutting anything nice. I've been wanting an Infinity blade for it for 2 years. I ordered that and a combo blade for the new saw that will work with the riving knife. (I have a Forrest WWII 30 tooth, but it's a TK.) This will allow me to send out my only decent full kerf laminate/plywood blade for sharpening. To make sure I was ordering the right things, I opened a new tab in my browser to check the models. I also wanted to check something earlier in the order process, so I added an item to that cart to look at. Closed that tab and finished the order. The dollars on the total was right, so I didn't pay any attention to the items in the order. Yep, it added the other item in, had it in the sub total, but didn't have it in the final total. Really strange. So I emailed Infinity, explained the problem, though it hadn't dawned on me at that point exactly what I had done, and asked that they leave out the part I hadn't meant to order. I figure it would be Tuesday before I heard from them, but didn't worry about it being taken care of as I was confident they would.
    Guess what? David emailed me back tonight saying it would be changed! I replied with a thank you, that I didn't expect to hear from him until Tuesday, and to go enjoy the holiday. But that, my friends and family, is GREAT customer service. Just wanted to stand up and shine some light where it is deserved.
    I'll be sure to write up a review after I've used them some. Shipping on Tuesday, hopefully will get them by Friday, but it might be the following week. Jim.
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    i think the smart companys are payun more attention to those that are buying anything.. make the buyer happy and most of all keep them that way..
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