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Thread: Finial projects and a refinish of a clam shell

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    Finial projects and a refinish of a clam shell

    Had half the day free so i made a couple finials and started on the finish. I decided not to part them off because I have no current use for them.
    So ill put a few coats of laquer on them and set them to the side until I have a use for them.
    See Picture 1 & 2....................

    Picture 3 is a clam shell (of Monkey Pod - I think) a friend gave me because it was dirty and had some paint splatter on it. I took some laquer thinner and washed it down and rubbed it dry - which took off all the splatter of paint and junk on the finished surface. I let it dry for a few hours and then with 0000 went over it lightly. Then applied Renaissance wax by rubbing it in well, let it dry for several mins and then using a cloth I buffed it off by hand..........Walla.........not bad for a total of 20mins from start to
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Finial-20.jpg   Finial-22.jpg   Clamshell-1.jpg  
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    nicely done, Dan.

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    Nice work. I like the finials.

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    Nice looking finials and the clam shell looks as good as new. Good work.

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    Great pieces Dan. Well done.
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