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Thread: Fun, easy project

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    Fun, easy project

    Saw this on another forum. Not that hard to make and he says they sell very good. This is my first attempt at making one and I see in the picture I left a couple tool marks. I hate when I do that. Wife says not to worry about it because this one isn't going anywhere. Mesquite with a quick coat of Mylands for now. Thanks for looking.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    OK, I'll bite, what is it?

    Cookie cutter?
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    you've never seen a cookie cutter stu? they used to make metal ones like that, with a center circle so that you could make both homemade donuts and donut holes.
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    cool project. I would think that they would sell at art/craft shows.

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    Bisquit cutter. Did you put a little hole in it to relieve pressure? Yes, they do sell well. Neat.
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    That's pretty cool project. I'm a big biscuit fan, have to make one for my cook.

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