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Thread: Rolling thunder.

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    Rolling thunder.

    I've seen parts of this elsewhere but not this version and I didn't know the whole story until I received the following in an E Mail.

    3000 vets on motorcycles from across the USA paraded in D.C. the Sunday before Memorial Day, while a solitary, saluting Marine greeted them out on Constitution Avenue... the Marine stood at salute for 3 straight hours, while the parade of roaring bikes kept on coming.... it is held in remembrance of those who've fallen in the military.... the event (or the group) is called Rolling Thunder... George Bush used to meet these bikers before they paraded...

    The camera is on the Marine a lot... watch his struggles with his emotions, and his struggles with holding that salute... the way he salutes is very touching... his head lowered, his eyes down, in reverence for the fallen... I know what he was feeling... and as I watched him, I could feel it too.... it got to be overwhelming for him... and the tears started flowing... watch what he says when he finally breaks, but keeps right on holding that salute...
    click on this link to see the video
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    Check out the related video titled "Why the Salute?" for more background.
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    I would like to see rolling thunder -------maybe next summer

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