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Thread: Well, this one was a new one for me.

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    Well, this one was a new one for me.

    The mother of a friend of ours died this past Wed. The funeral was today. LOML and I went. Was at the chapel at the cemetery, walked in and sat down to music from an electric piano. Nothing out of the normal here, except the pianist played a couple songs that didn't seem to quite fit. One was "Blueberry Hill", can't remember the other one. Ok, a little weird, but most people probably new they recognized the tune, but didn't place what song it was. Then the Preacher got up, said a couple words and that the family wanted to play a couple songs that the departed liked. Here's where it gets a little strange. Sound system comes on, and, while not too loud, a live version of Neil Diamonds "Cracklin' Rosie" starts playing. My wife and I looked at each other. Ok, maybe she liked Neil Diamond, but, the live version??? Preacher got up and talked some more, then they played another song. Yep, "Sweet Caroline" again from the live album. And this live album must have been in the last few years, because the voice just wasn't there, you know what I mean??
    But I will say this, it was a celebration of her life, and that's all that matters. It made sure that there wasn't a real heavy feeling amongst those attending. And if this was the departed's request, then more power to her. One grand daughter had written and so read a tribute to her Grandma to the group, along with recalling what Grandma sang to them when she put them to sleep when visiting. She sang a verse to us...Wait for it.....You'll never guess....No, Not Neil Diamond again......The Hokey Pokey. You could tell this tribute was from her heart. She did an excellent job, and was very composed for what looked to be a 15 or so year old.
    Any way, it was the most interesting funeral I've been to. Makes me rethink what I might like my going away party to be like. Jim.
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    Thanks Jim,
    That was certainly a unique service, and somewhat thought provoking. As I get older, the more I like the celebration of one's life approach to these services.


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    jim don't sound out of the ordinary to me.When we buried our oldest son his wife, played alot of his favorite songs. They did a great pic video, using Freebird as the back ground music. also some Creed along with Keith urban And two many to remeber. Was a nice service.
    When we buried my dad his service also had a lot of his favorite music. He was buried with 4 of his best harmonicas. A number of the family, including my oldest bro.1st cousions, His bro(my uncle)and just some friends also played live.This was in the funeral home.

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    I sure would be surprised if I went to a service like that. But it must of been nice celebrating things she liked and held dear. Nice send off
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    I heard a gospel singer talking one time that he went to the funeral of a family friend. The Widdow ask him if he'd sing a song. He told her no problem, what would she like him to sing? She said the deceased wanted Jingle Bells sang at his service. He said Jingle Bells? are you sure? She said yes I'm sure.

    He said he got up and sang the saddest version of Jingle Bells that anyone had ever heard. He said everyone at the service looked pretty perplexed.

    After the service he paid his respects to the widdow, and she said, I don't know what I was thinking, what I meant to have you sing was "When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven".

    He told it a lot funnier.
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    That was funny -- still laughing -- not sure if I want it to be a joke or a true story!
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    See these are the reasons I don't go to funerals. No disrespect intended but I prefer to remember the people as they were in my mind, I see funerals as something very personal and for family only. Now a wake on the other hand is how I would prefer to be remembered no sad music only happy uplifting tunes to send me off after all this is a only part of the bigger jorney.


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