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Thread: Disston fans take a look ...

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    Disston fans take a look ...

    Really fantastic site this all sorts of goodies there.

    So if you a Disston Fan like me or even if you not take a look at what a fine tool manufacturer used to put out.

    Some of the manufacturers today should be darned embarrassed with the junk they call a manual.

    This is a real good reference manual for all sorts. How to choose a saw, how to file a saw, how to choose a table saw, band saw and even hard woods and softwoods. Then even a run through of the woodworking joints.

    Where did the tool manufacturers go wrong. The day they lost guys that were like Disston. Proud to put their name to the tool they made and deeply committed to making a better product.

    Wish the guys at B&D, Skill, and all the other junkie tool manufacturers would sit up and take note of a book like this.

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    Rob, thanks for posting the link to this excellent manual.

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    Thanks for the link, Rob.

    This reminds me of the bandsaw catalog put out by Iturra Design. Their 2010 catalog is 240 pages and is filled with information on bandsaws. They don't have a web site but you can order the free catalog by phone (904-642-2802).

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    That's a great reference, saved a copy of that. Thanks Rob!

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