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Thread: Atlas 12 3/4" Model 53 Drill Press ***Back Together***

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    Atlas 12 3/4" Model 53 Drill Press ***Back Together***

    Been a lot of activity on drill presses here lately. New Steel City Tool presses, Kermit, other old iron restores.... Here's my old iron restore candidate. I got this as a package deal; Atlas drill press, Delta scroll saw and Craftsman RAS for $35 on a local online ad. The DP belonged to the family's grandfather. There is an Atlas #53 on the Old Machinery site that states a manufacturing date of 1945.

    The press is in great shape, with nothing broken or missing. It also has the cool lamp, original I would imagine. I need to find a motor for it, maybe 3/4 or 1hp? 115/240V would be nice.

    Says Model #53

    This is probably going to be a "little bit at a time" project, as I have to find the motor, make sure all is working (should be no problem there) and then wait till it's a bit warmer to paint. I'll mount it on a Craftsman stand with a Herc-U-lift mobile base. This won't take the place of my new SCT floor press...just for a quick drill, or maybe a sander?

    Here's one restored:

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    Nice old press, Greg

    It's in such nice shape that the restoration shouldn't be very involved. As you need to get a motor anyway, perhaps you might think of a 3 phase and a variable freq. drive. You could turn it into a low speed torque monster

    I plugged the Pat No into Google Patent search.

    See the whole patent here

    Below is a technical drawing from the patent.
    All the best,
    Ian G

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    Thanks, Ian

    I've tried to follow the conversations on 3Ph motors and various converters to go from 120VAC single to 240VAC 3ph....but it still isn't clear to me.
    Also, where are all these cheap componants people keep talking about?

    The actual restore should be fairly fast...It's still cold as can be in the shop (garage), and I can't spray paint in the house...

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    Well, I had some time, so....

    The Atlas came apart fairly easily.

    The main parts broken down.

    A few minutes with a wire wheel on my grinder, or just a degreaser and wiping with a clean rag does wonders... On motor mount stud and 2 handles on the right are "before".

    The tube is 2 1/4" diameter...I wonder if I should get a longer tube that size and make the Atlas a floor model, or keep as a bench top...

    The lamp will polish up nice. Note the thick, blue tinted lens. I'll also put a new lamp cord on it and use the original plug, as it is in perfect shape and the old style to match the DP.
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    Wow, what a find, Greg, and at a nice price. Are you sure it even needs paint? From here it looks like a little de-rusting on the exposed metal and Simple Green on the paint would shine it up a lot. Seems a shame to cover up the buck decal.

    Although I do believe purple has more horsepower.
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    I've been about the paint too.... The "Buck" decal is for a company here in Seattle, so I'm going to contact them and see if I can get a "new one".

    I also found out that I have the optional Hi-Lo Speed Attachment (center pulley assembly) tha will take the speed down to 200rpm and go higher than normal in a different pulley configuration.

    The light looks like it was also an original option, but I haven't seen one like it in any of the other pics I have found.

    I sure wish I had an original Atlas motor.... 1/2hp, 220VAC was one they had.

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    NICE! Great looking restoration job.


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    I like it! I like it!

    And ditto the other comments, I don't think (base on what I can see in the photos) that I would paint it either.

    As for cheap VFD's. It just a matter of time, hunting and watching for the deal.

    Who fried a VFD last night.
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    cool ol` drill press greg! my vote is for no paint
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    I'd just get a motor, and start using it!

    Looks VERY good as it sits now, I'd say, great find
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