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Thread: poplar used for outdoor furniture.

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    poplar used for outdoor furniture.

    I think this chair is around 2.5-3 years old. Its coated with primer, and 3 coats of benjamin moore outdoor latex paint.
    I knew ground contact with poplar is dangerous, but I wanted to paint these chairs, and here is the result tonight.
    The legs just rotted or water damaged away and broke apart. I could snap the other leg with my hand if I wanted too. Ill replace the leg for now, but Im going to have to junk these chairs by next year.These chairs remained outdoors during the winter and were buried under snow for months, so I guess 3 years was a good life.good ad for tightbond III, it held tight, the wood cracked after the contact spots.
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    If you've got any more of that white oak you were struggling with splitting on the table, it's supposed to be good for surviving outdoors. I made my last outdoor chairs out of cypress, which I've also read was good for outdoors and is readily available as fencing and 2x4-12 boards in home stores.

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