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Thread: Some Items from the To-Do List - Shop Jigs

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    Some Items from the To-Do List - Shop Jigs

    I have the day off and so after taking care of some boring items in the yard, I turned to my to-do list for odds and ends around the shop.

    I knew I could feel better while free hand routing with a starter pin or template routing. I had a spare router fence guard that came with something or other. I drilled and tapped three holes and created an extension that will keep debris at bay when doing these operations:

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    I added the head of an old parts cleaning brush with the handle cut off as a lower wheel brush on my little Rockwell / Delta bandsaw. I used hot glue which seems to hold fine. I added a couple little pieces of wire just in case. That way if it does ever come off, it won't go flying around in there and possibly taking out my blade:

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    The old mouse pad had seen better days on my little riser blocks (bench cookies). I fooled with trying to clean the old stuff off and then realized that just cutting up some new ones out of scrap made more sense. This self adhesive rubber pad comes from Peachtree. I picked it up at one of the shows and finally got around to needing it. I put a thin coat of shellac on the MDF to give the adhesive a good grip:

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    Now I better start breaking down some mahogany for a belated wedding gift that's on the list ;-)
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    Thanks for the idea about thr bench cookies. I was thinking about using a router mat but didn't know how to stick it on to a wood block.

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    Glen thanks for the idea on the BS...I have the same model and have some brushes I picked up to clean the wheels. Just hadn't got around to doing it.
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    Glenn thats a real neat couple of idea. I want to give a few hockey pucks the run about to try out as bench pucks. Also the clean up brush you mention on the bandsaw i really like cause i got a nylon one on there and it dont have enough stiffness to keep the crud off. BTW the dollar store sells these brushes for 3 in a pack so they cheap and easy to get hold of here.

    I have learnt a ton from you Glenn. Its not just in the tips its the process you adopt. Making a list and segmenting it rather than ad hoc like me.

    I am so revved up to get going when in my shop that i end up spinning my wheels on alls sorts and get no where.

    Thanks again for the tips.

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