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Thread: Xmas in July again just keeps getting better.

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    Xmas in July again just keeps getting better.

    Well its raining its pouring the old man is snoring.....thats something how i remember the story going and in my case its raining gifts in July for me.

    Busy typing an email this morining to Toni in Spain and can you believe it the coincidence of it all while i am typing the post office shows up with a delivery of a parcel.

    Yup another one. Aint i lucky. And yup it was from Spain.

    No kidding at all here.

    Seems i am the recipient of a new book which i very much appreciate.

    Toni had a spare as a result of the Tour De Wood proceedings and decided i should have it.

    Turns out one of our family members here is the author as well so its a double bonus jackpot hit for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A huge big thank you Toni for the book and your generosity.

    Thanks to Carol too for writing it.

    This is just what i need to get something out of my router table and router investment. I have been winging it for too long and likely a danger to myself and my tools with my limited know how.

    Man its a humbling experience to be given such so much and such meaningful gifts. All i can say is what a family.

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    Take a road trip to Arizona for a Family visit and I'll autograph it for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    Take a road trip to Arizona for a Family visit and I'll autograph it for you.
    Now there's an offer that is hard to refuse ;-) Congrats Rob and way to go Toni.
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    I'm telling you, what goes around comes around!! Rob sent me a grinding wheel he had purchased from Lee Valley. Seems he got a 6" when he needed an 8" and it had been gathering dust for too long. So in my book, Rob, you got what you deserved! I'm still looking for a way to pay forward for my gifts! Jim.
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    Ain't it fun Ya NEVER know from whom, when or where something fun maybe coming Good on you Toni, Mi amigo and Rob, go see Carol, not only will she sign it, I bet she will demonstrate it

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    That's a 2-fer you got there Rob!
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    Meh...what does some girl know about routers?

    Seriously, Carol will probably forget more about woodworking than I'll ever learn. Congrats, Rob, and kudos to Toni.
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    attah boy toni fer doing this gesture and rob your gonna need a bigger hat and as for carols offer,,yu or anyone else had better take her up on it she can put on a fine breakfast and is great entertainment and she teaches really well wouldnt be sorry you stopped in to see her..the family is growing more each day threw these kind deeds.
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    What great folks. I wish we all lived closer I'd enjoy a barley pop with everyone.
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    Bob I can sure agree with you on that one.

    Carol I told Loml that someday i gotta make a trip to meet as many of the folks here as possible. So a face to face book signing may still take place.

    I will do a separate post on my views and experience i have with the book.

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