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Thread: Cherry chest

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    Cherry chest

    I'm just waiting for my daughter Sue to pick this up. Finished it a few weeks ago.
    She wanted a cherry hope chest but she wanted the chest to be painted a special historic yellow she likes. I couldn't see painting the cherry so I made the chest part out of poplar and the top and bottom out of cherry.
    The color she picked out was so yellow that it looked like a ripe lemon. Nothing like what was on the color swab. It's supposed to be a old federal, almost burnt yellow.
    I experimented with wiping on brown paint over the yellow and wiping it off. It was too brown. I then wiped a little more yellow over the brown and it came out pretty well. Not what I had hoped for though. I'm sure she will like it.
    I found an antique sliding keyhole cover at an antique store. Thought it would break up the plain front a bit.
    Lousy pictures.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	chest 1 (600 x 400).jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	chest 2 (600 x 400).jpg 
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    I think it looks great Bob. The contrast works well together. I could see how lemon would be odd though.

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    Nice chest there Bob, Yellow is my favorite color. Aint you heard the saying " Yellow yellow you lucky fellow"

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    looks fine, everyone has their own idea of what a pretty color is.
    Im glad your back has been holding out enough for you to get anything done.

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    sure glad you didnt paint some cherry bob i would have to take you off the xmas list looks nice, wouldlike to see her antigue idea she was tryun to copy..never seen yellow on antiques before
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    Interesting... that yellow, to my eye, looks almost exactly like the natural yellow of yellowheart wood.
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    I like it nice job.
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    Nicely done, Bob. Not sure I'd go with the yellow myself, but then again, I'm not the customer.
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    Yellow was a staple color in the Victorian era, used a lot on houses, believe it or not!!

    Chest looks great!
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    The end result is very pleasing, chest and colors.
    I'm sure duplicating antique colors can be a challenge.
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