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Thread: I've waited to ask for prayers on this, but the time is now....

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    I've waited to ask for prayers on this, but the time is now....

    We learned about 2 weeks ago that a mass was found in my wife's right breast from her mammogram. A biopsy shows that it is cancerous. It was caught early, as the size is reported to be under 1cm. Oncologist recommended a lumpectomy based on that information, but ordered a breast MRI that was done yesterday morning. Oncologist called about 7:45pm with bad news. MRI shows some pre cancerous places on the same breast. The good news is that the left breast is clear. So now the recommendation is to do a mastectomy. Of course, we are both a little scared. But we trust that God will empower us to fight this. The prognosis is very good, with chance of recurrence only between 3 and 5% for 10 years.
    Please keep Glenna and the team of doctors in your prayers as we find out this next week when this will be performed. I know my family here will lend any support that you can with prayers and good thoughts. That is all that I hope to happen. Thanks in advance! Jim.
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    You got it Jim, yall are in my prayers.
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    Done Jim..
    And we will continue...

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    You got it Jim...We'll keep Glenna and yourself in our prayers.

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    Done Deal Jim. Hoping everything works out for the best.
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    Glenna and the medical care givers will be added to my prayer list.

    I pray for a full and complete recovery and that she will be restored to good health.

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    Prayers for healing and for peace from anxiety.

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    You both are in our prayers.

    My wife Emiko went through a similar thing a few short years ago, it was very very hard, but support from our friends and family certainly helped ease the burden. Emiko was very lucky in that she only had to have the Lumpectomy and no Chemo, only radiation therapy, but the drugs that she was on for a very long time (only recently stopped) were bad news for the side effects, which she still has some lingering problems with, but I guess the other option was worse, so we certainly count our blessings.

    Keep us posted Jim, and don't over do it yourself, you have to be in tip top shape to help Glenna deal with everything. When people you know and trust offer to help, take them up on it.


    Stu & Emiko
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    good luck with all of sister in law went through all similar with double masectomy few years back. If your wife would like to talk to her about anything, I can foward you her number, My SIl is a beautiful sweet hard, funny, happy, shed be more than happy to answer anything to put anyones mind at ease. just pm me

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    Prayers and thoughts for your wife's recovery, peace and strength for all your family.
    Dan Gonzales
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