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Thread: Multi-Function Tool

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    Multi-Function Tool

    There seem to be quite a few of these Multi-function tools lately, but this is the first one I've seen that is Air Powered.

    Air Multifunction Tool
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    That's interesting. Although most of the jobs I'd have for one of those would be far away from a compressor, and it'd be much easier just to plug it in.

    Maybe it'd be good for wet environments?
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    My 29.99 HF electric multifunction tool works fine. Wonder if the air one is quieter???? Jim.
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    Hey Jim,
    Do you have the single speed or the multispeed? I took a coupon in to the HF store last Saturday, picked up the electric multispeed unit, a few attachments and went to the check out. The kid running the register started laughing and said you did it too. Yep, the one on sale was the air powered tool. I took the "purchase" back to the shelf and left red faced. It pays to read the coupon before you drive 35 miles to make a purchase.


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