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Thread: chocolate gravy

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    chocolate gravy

    After mentioning 'choklit' (chocolate) gravy on another thread, I had an overwhelming number of requests (one ) for the recipe. The one below is pretty typical. However, for my taste in breakfast, I would use less sugar.
    <<<Chocolate Gravy:

    1/3 stick butter
    2/3 cup sugar
    2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
    1/3 cup cocoa
    2 cups whole milk
    Heat butter in a cast iron skillet over low heat. Mix in sugar, flour and cocoa. Slowly pour 1 cup of milk into the skillet and whisk well to remove lumps. Whisk in remaining milk, stirring constantly, until mixture is thick, being careful not to scorch. Serve hot over biscuits. >>>
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    That sounds real good Frank but not to flattering to the waist line
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    Chocolate gravy seems to be a big thing here in east Tn... but not my choice for a breakfast entre.... I'll take a good old fashion "thickened gravy" or some people call it "white gravy" or if we have sausage, I like "Red eye" gravy... add a little water to the sausage grease and get it really hot... served over hot biscuits with a good strong sorghum syrup...
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    sausage gravy

    Really, my preference is sausage gravy.
    It is a pure artery clogger and waist expander but, good.
    I'll make only a couple times a year because of the health issues. I'm not a health food nut but this stuff is extremely serious if eaten often.
    Here is how I make it:
    one pound of lower priced (more fat) pork sausage;
    And biscuits waiting.

    In a large skillet cook the sausage but don't overcook.
    When done, leave the grease in skillet with sausage, add about a cup of flour, cook and mix all together, constantly stirring.
    When you have a sorta roux add some milk and continue mixing. When the milk is completely absorbed start adding some water slowly and keep mixing. Add water as necessary to eliminate dry flour. If you add too much liquid or unexpected guests come over (they always seem to when sausage gravy is being made for breakfast ) just add more flour. Keep heat on and continuously stir so things don't clump up or burn.
    When it is 'jest right' holler "come an get'. Biscuits are put on plate and generous amounts of the gravy are ladled over.
    Of course, there are eggs and bacon and toast on the side.
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    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. ~Voltaire

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