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Thread: Shocked, in a good way

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    Talking Shocked, in a good way

    The other day my wife came down stairs to my shop and brought me a cup of coffee. She knows that I've been searching CL for weeks trying to find a nice used 14" bandsaw without any luck. I sold my shopsmith a few months ago and have been without one since.
    This morning at breakfast she gave me an order confirmation from Grizzly for their Polar bear 14" ultimate saw
    Seems she has been saving her "mad" money for something special for herself and she decided to spend it on something special for me. After almost 39 years she never ceases to amaze me.
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    Congrats Bob!! That is a great, what is she expecting in return?
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    Congrats. What a keeper. I'm sure she used my shipping address. Once I have it setup and have thoroughly tested it for a year or so you can pick it up, confident that it is safe to use.
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    good fer yu bob!! now we know it wasnt just the vittle yu married her for.. we are startun to get a preety good group of ladies listening to our needs latly maybe we should look into the water and or the foods we have been eating latly and see if it has anything to do with it...that way the rest of these joes can cash in on the spoils too congrats bob we need pics bud when yu get it
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    That's great Bob! Congratulations, on both the saw, and the choice of wife!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    That's great Bob! Congratulations, on both the saw, and the choice of wife!
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    Bob I am so happy for you. Boy your missus sure knows how to cheer you up. What a keeper. Thats a real nice gesture we need pics when it arrives aint seen any polar bear grizz except for their showing on their site.

    Man i can see you doing the hop skip and jump. So you having Xmas in July as well.

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    It also made me feel good reading you post.... what a great wife you have...

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    Wow Bob, that's quite a deal. Nice saw, and your wife is definitely a keeper.
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