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Thread: I Need A New Fridge

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    I Need A New Fridge

    I have started to rough out the walnut that I got a couple of weeks ago and I still have a long way to go. I still have to get most of the wood but my "helper" with the truck and the trailer is busy till later this week.

    In the first load in my kiln I have walnut, cherry and some oak burl.

    Thanks for lookin.
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    hey pete i dont need one but the idea of a kiln outa refridge??/ whats the plans for one and how does it work.. better than dna soak???
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    Wow, you've been busy Pete!
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    I think that it is not defrosting correctly!

    I like it! I have wanted to make one for a long time -- might just do it now..
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    Pete how long does it take to dry in a kiln like that? Would like to see some finished pics of them when you get them finished.hint hint

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    That's some sweet-looking wood, Pete. Looking forward to seeing the final results.
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    Wow, that is a lot of work in that fridge. Great idea. Maybe some words on how it was made.

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    That's pretty neat there Pete... I've saved plans to make a kiln from a fridge or freezer, but the wife won't let me take the one from the kitchen..

    on our drive into Walmart there's a place where I see two freezers thrown out beside the road... I've thought several times about stopping and seeing if I could get one of them for a kiln...
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    Ted Sokolowski uses one for his peppermill blanks, but it's a smaller fridge. I think he uses a 90w bulb with a pie pan reflector and an oven thermometer, I think he put a little fan in there for circulation. Now I gotta watch the DVD again
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    what type of socket are we using with a 90 watt bulb

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