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    With Elk Antler and new style rifle clip.

    Antler sanded to 400 grit, buffed with super fine steel wool and polished with Huts Ultra Gloss.

    Brass casing and copper bullet nib cleaned with Brasso, polished with FLITZ and protected with 4 coats of lacquer.

    Adding a few of these to my inventory to see how well they sell at the Hanna Gun Show the coming week end.


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    I suspect they will sell well as they sure look nice!

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    Very fine Les. We must think alike.
    I posted a bullet pen at almost the exact same time as yours.
    I note you used a rifle theme clip. FWIW, I stopped using those some time back. The rifle (or tennis, or golf or most others) just do not show up well enough to have an effect. For the extra cost, I don't think they do their job. The pens sell just as well with standard clip.
    I do use Christian cross clips as those do show well, are very well received and sell well.
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    Les i no i keep saying this, but great looking pen. I hope you have good luck at the show.


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