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Thread: Some Turkey Calls...

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    Some Turkey Calls...

    ...for my hunter friends.
    The first is from Silver Maple burl with a slate surface over a crystal soundboard. The two-piece striker is Purpleheart and burl.
    Attachment 47079 Attachment 47080 Attachment 47081

    This one is cherry with a bronze glass surface over a slate soundboard. It got pimped out with a turkey foot sandblasted on the underside of the glass and my buddy's initials blasted into the slate. The top side of the glass is blasted around the edge to hide the glue line. The striker is Purpleheart. The strikers are hollowed at the top to hold a piece of the abrasive pad used to condition the surface.
    Attachment 47082 Attachment 47083 Attachment 47084

    This one is spalted Poplar with slate over glass. The striker is Purpleheart.
    Attachment 47087 Attachment 47088

    ...and More Silver maple burl. The sound holes conveniently arrayed themselves around a knot. Blasted glass over glass with a Purpleheart striker.
    Attachment 47085 Attachment 47086
    Thanks for looking.

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    OK Ted, 3 things
    1. Your photography and layout absolutely great
    2. That burl background Fantastic
    3.Awesome call

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    I'm with Tom here..

    I can't pick out what I like best, the call, the background, or the photography...

    Just awesome....
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    I'm with Tom and Brent.

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    Your calls are works of art. Even the strikers are special.
    And your photography is certainly way above the norm.
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    I can only agree with all above... beautiful work and photography...

    I've never tried to do a glass call... I have a bunch of slates and glass sound boards but haven't tried to do a call lately... just as a curosity, how are you mounting the sound board.. when I first started the instructions called for a washer in the bottom of the call to raise the sound board off the bottom, I didn't like the idea of the washer as it added weight and a metal element I didn't want, so I turned a raised ring in the bottom to hold the sound board.

    I do have to admit, mine never never looked as good as yours... fantastic looking calls.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Wonderful stuff Ted!
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    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.

    Chuck, The sound board is mounted on a turned pedestal but rather than leave it as a solid ring I use a small forstner to drill it out in four places, leaving four semicircular pedestals.

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    Very nice Ted. I especially like the silver maple, beautiful wood.

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    Ted i say you an all round artist. Design, workmanship, choice of material, finish, and presentation.

    Those pics could be pack shots for a magazine ad.

    Excellent work.

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